юху,я поняла почти всеее.я так горда собой.
надеюсь,хоть разговорный словарный запас немного улучшиться после таких просмотров.
thanks, HIMYM.

Well, no one likes this Ted/Zoey ending, but I can so easily be bought. ^_^
She’s so cute since they’ve become friends and I can’t be mad at her anymore.
Today she was just amazing. <3 And finally Ted didn’t such stupid things like stealing a blue horn. He’s grown!

Anyway I don’t think she is the mother so there’s no reason to worry for anyone who doesn’t like her or her with Ted.

Also I’m absolutely in love with the structure of today episode. Don’t know why.
And the episode itself. Marshall and Robin were especially cute. Seriously.

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